Hong Zhi Su

The Blind Monk of Tyr

  • Monk
  • Order of Tyr
  • Companion of Bilk
  • Morbid Burn Scars from his Left Temple down across his face and neck to his right shoulder, blinding him
  • Wears a blindfold to hide his scars

{[5 years ago, a man, burned across most of his face and chest, dressed in rags, staggered into Shindao’s Temple of Tyr, and collapsed. Two weeks later, the man came to, and remembered only three Words: “HongZhiSu”, which he belived to be his own name, “Protect”, which he felt was a geis he was bound to, and “Bilk”, a name he felt was bound to a geis.

Bereft of any other memory by whatever force took his eyes, Zhi Su stayed in the Temple of Tyr, where the Priests taught him to face his plight with the Courage and Honor of Tyr. He eventually joined the order as a Monk, developing his martial skill in spite of his handicap.
A certain High Priest, Fjorlan, saw his significant improvement and, seeing his fortitude and resilience as glory to Tyr, took pity on the Brave Monk and attempted to return his sight to him.
He failed, further disfiguring his eyes. In shame, Fjorlan crafted for Zhi Su a special blindfold that would hide his disfigurment. And it is partly due to this guilt that he allowed Zhi Su’s departure later on.

Three weeks ago, a naked gnome burst through the Temple door, shrieking:
He then promptly fell on his face, quite unconcious.

A week later, he awoke, and despite the Priest’s belief that he would be frightned by his sudden change of setting, he seemed completely calm. He pleasantly greeted the Priest attending him, asking for food
“I haven’t eaten in years.”
The priest sent for Zhi Su to fetch the food, and upon his return, the gnome (still quite naked) leapt from his bead and exclaimed: “YOU!”, before collapsing again.

The Priests questioned Zhi Su about this. But he was just as suprised and confused as those around him, though he admitted that he felt somehow connected to the strange gnome.

When the gnome awoke again, he claimed to remember nothing, not even his outburst the previous day. His sentences were jumbled and in many instances completely unintelligible. After many hours with the gnome only three things were clear: He was free, he was going to leave the temple as soon as the “Bearded Giants” would let him go, and his name was Bilk.

Word traveled throughout the Temple, and when it finally reached Zhi Su’s ears, he rushed to Fjorlan’s room, and begged him to leave with the gnome.
Fjorlan agreed begrudgingly, admitting that it would be cowardice for Zhi Su to stay in the Temple for the rest of his life, despite his condition.

And so that following week, when the gnome was well enough to explain that he was well and that he didn’t mind company, since he had been alone for quite a long time. They left together for the city of Castle Kretkov where they met the rest of the party.]}

Hong Zhi Su

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