The Cleansed

Cleansing is a side-effect of self-enchanting via Tame Magic, with its effects growing stronger as the user continues layering the enchantments. Like Corruption, Cleansing is localized to the areas that are targeted by the enchantments, though it bleeds into other parts of the body much more than Corruption. The physical changes it causes seem to be permanent.


Cleansing first appeared during the events of the Great Division, with a few authors describing “men who shone like snow reflecting sunlight, who appeared and watched the great battles from nearby hills only to disappear when a soldier began to approach.” Authors documenting these men called them “Watching Angels,” though they are now referred to as “The Cleansed.” The Watching Angels described by the old authors are somewhat different from modern Cleansed, however; they are described as being entirely luminescent, as opposed to the localized luminescence of modern enchanting.

In the Modern World

Characteristics and Known Kinds

The enchanting methods employed by modern Cleansed are drastic, having lasting effects on a person after even one casting session. Because Cleansing is hard to contain to just one area, those who are enchanted tend to be very similar regardless of what part of themselves they enchanted. As such, the Cleansed cannot really be subdivided into particular classes. Very little is known about the Cleansed, and the rumors surrounding them are vague and highly disputed, with the only consistency being that most regions of the western world have stories about the “Watching Angels” of old and their occasional appearance, though even these tales give various explanations as to their motivations. In fact, the main use of these tales is to explain strange and unexpected accidents or disasters, with the main tellers being conspiracy theorists who believe that these Watching Angels are slowly unraveling society.

Cleansed Culture

The Cleansed do not have a set culture, as Cleansed individuals immediately become recluses or hermits, almost always leaving their homes and disappearing into the wilderness soon after. As such, public response is often frightened, due in no small part to the tendency of older parents to tell their children that the Watching Angels would steal disobedient children and liars in the night, sometimes lighting a candle outside the child’s window if they had committed a crime.


Most animals are neutral towards the Cleansed, with cats showing a slight interest in Cleansed individuals and occasionally disappearing in the event that their original master becomes Cleansed.

An Important Note

It is important to distinguish the Corrupt/Cleansed spectrum from the lawful/chaotic and good/evil spectrums, because while there is correlation between them, they are inherently different. Think of the Corrupt side of the spectrum as having less self control, more irratic and at the whims of your emotions.

*Out of game note to players: I will happily explain more about this when we return to College Station, as it will (probably) be a while before you encounter this.


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