Heironia, known colloquially as “The Windy Territory,” makes up the eastern side of the central nations and half of the southern border of the northern lands. Much like the neighboring Peloria, they are primarily a trade-oriented society, although their weapons are prized in other nations almost as much as those made by dwarves, though not for their unbreakable nature but rather for the intricate metalwork involved in their creation. Likewise, their carvings and wooden furniture are also sought after in other lands. They have a few popular tourist locations, as the temples to their namesake (the deity Heironeous) are known for being particularly beautiful. Their political system is divided between the King and the board of administrators that they share with Peloria, with whom they also share open borders, a common military, and trading agreements.


The Great Division

When the Empire began to fall, Artair Carson, the regional lord and a popular general under the emperor, was contacted by his neighboring lord (and personal friend) Clarence Angleman, the treasurer of the Empire, and asked to enter a temporary political agreement regarding their respective territories and the protection of assets and citizens. As the war spread further south over the next two months, Artair Carson rallied his loyal troops and signed (in blood) a treaty with Angleman that created two fundamentally intertwined kingdoms out of their two regions, Carson’s being Heironia (after Heironeous, the deity followed by Carson) and Angleman’s being Peloria (after Pelor, the deity followed by Angleman).

The treaty brought with it a combined political system, grouping the two nations together into a pair (referred to as the Twin States) that, though their respective heads of state had individual control over each nation, shared an administrative group that ensured cooperation between the two countries and prevented one from making a decision that would directly harm the other. It was agreed that the council would consist of the two kings and eight additional citizens, four from each nation, with the council building being on the border between the two. The original council members from Heironia were: Angela Salrey (Artair’s childhood friend), Aaron Jones (the former leader of the local militia), Trey Jameson (former soldier who grew to know Artair personally), and Desmond Mendo (unofficially adopted son of Artair).


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